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This website has been produced by a group of Education and Science students at Deakin University as part of our final year studies, participating in the Community Science Project Unit.

In producing this website the aim was to bring current Victorian scientific research into the Victorian Curriculum in order to showcase the research of Deakin ecology scientist.

The site is broken down into five Modules, each a separate area of research showcasing an individual Deakin researcher and produced in a team, with a current science student. The task was to engage researchers with Deakin University students and integrate the great work the Deakin scientists are doing in a way that combines field research and classroom learning for secondary school teachers and their students. Using the findings within the researcher’s work, we have developed tangible activities teachers can use to appropriately relate professional and scientific research, into classroom activities and learning. Each Module is broken down into activities for either Levels 7/8 or Levels 9/10 and along with the teacher resources support effective classroom learning and analysis of the research topic. Links to the curriculum and a brief overview of each research topic are provided in each Module home page.

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